Baghdad Polymer Fair

Exhibition of polymer industry in Baghdad by Sharif Fair Development Company

Entry gateways to the Iraq market are yours!

Industry polymer exit Gateway from recession


Iran a country with rich oil and gas reserves in current conditions and relying on the export of finished petrochemical products can easily provide a large amount of currency deficit in complex conditions of sanctions. The polymer industry is among the most recent consumers in neighboring countries. Production of compounds, masterbatch, semi-finished products and consumer goods can create high-value-added values for manufacturers. In the absence of the majority of the manufacturers, the conditions of recession in the domestic market are companies that earn huge profits from exports.

Iraq to export pristine


Among neighboring countries, Iraq with a population of 38 million is a pristine hospitalization for the Iranian goods. Dr. Behzad Rizan, Iran in Iraq, recently stated that the most of the Iranian goods in Iraq are related to products and polymer artifacts. Iraq is the launch platform for domestic companies to European countries.

Polymer goods, which are allocated to the maximum export volume:

Masterbatch and compounding

-Disposable containers, films and sack (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester)

-Polymeric Artifacts: pipes and fittings, home and kitchen accessories, wires and cables, door and window profiles)

-Mineral Additives (calcium carbonate powder)

-Paint & Resin



Iraq needs Reconstruction!

Successive problems in Iraq due to numerous wars have caused the destruction of the country. Reconstruction and progress in this country is very important. In order to rebuild the cities of this country, first should pay attention to the construction industry.

In this regard, the use of modern building materials is important. Applied products of polymer industry in construction and reconstruction can be pointed out, building plumbing, heating and cooling system, storage tanks for drinking water and… . Polymeric packaging to send and export food for food failure is another point that is very important. The exhibition groups held at the Baghdad Industry exhibition are: urban planning, energy, water and electricity, building tools, composites, different types of adhesives and resins, sanitary equipment, flooring, wall coverings and other goods.

According to a number of exhibitions in Baghdad, the polymer industry must have a suitable platform for providing domestic products and productions to Iraq.

According to the government's information base, it has grown 1397 exports to 55 Iraq in the first seven months of Iran. As an Iranian export destination, Iraq has been introduced. According to the statistics provided by the company, Iraq, the last year, 140 companies attended the exhibition.

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