The exhibition of oil, gas, petrochemical, refining and downstream industries in Chabahar

The exhibition will be a good economic opportunity to spend the least time and best results for each company, where each of the manufacturers, distributors and academic persons can achieve their own goals.

Chabahar Petrochemical exhibition with the production boom approach

Domestic fairs due to the continuous presence of companies and the promotion of domestic production and sales, due to the introduction of companies in an environment is considered. The exhibition will be a good economic opportunity to spend the least time and best results for each company, where each of the manufacturers, distributors and academic persons can achieve their own goals. The exhibition is the essentials of polymer industry with the presence of various companies in all fields of polymer, including petrochemical, construction industry, packaging and… It is possible to set up in Chabahar.

The potential of industrial exhibitions in Chabahar free zone

The presence of the exhibition centers and the appropriate facilities for the official ceremonies are one of the criteria for economic development in the world’s free trade centers and regions. The Chabahar region in the southeast of Sistan and Baluchestan Province is the only oceanic port of Iran in the coastal Bank of Makoran and Indian Ocean. Therefore, one of the crossroads of global trading will be. Given t
hat the southern coast of the country provides a unique feature for the development of petrochemical industries, studies have been created to create and expand the industries on the coast of Makoran many years ago. In this area, more industrial mobility and development will be observed. Many designs and projects regarding upstream industries are designed to provide raw materials in polymer industry because the Makoran industrial town is the third Iranian petrochemical hub in Chabahar. Therefore, consultation with international experts and cooperation with them can lead to the advancement of this industrial pole. As a result, participation in the exhibition and introduction of companies will also consult and provide services and cooperation.
Basically, the petrochemical complex has three manufacturing phases. The gas exchange phase is used as methanol, the second stage of olefin manufacturing and third stage of use for downstream industries products. With the annual targeting and growth of this pole and identifying capabilities, we will be able to create employment in the region and the whole country, which can cause employment for 5 to 7 thousand people. The presence of exhibitions will cause the challenge, to investigate the deficiencies of domestic products and the type of quality of products that the sum of domestic and foreign investments can be checked in a plan.

Chabahar Free Zone Conference Hall

Chabahar Free Zone Conference Hall

Chabahar Workshop Hall

Chabahar Free Zone

The goal of exhibiting in Chabahar

Arguably, the setting of industrial exhibitions in a particular area must be justified and its objectives are predetermined. The exhibition setting in Chabahar Free zone is also done with objectives, which will be dealt with in the following: • The aim of t
he exhibition in Chabahar which is free zone is to support Iranian quality goods instead of using foreign goods. • Due to the free zone and proximity to
the boundaries The country’s van will provide the possibility of promoting and exporting to neighboring countries and collectibles. • Proximity to Borders prov
ides the possibility of presence of foreign industrial experts. • Reviewing the futures
market provides feasible petrochemical products in the region. • Economic justification d
ue to easy transportation and other access Afghan It will be. • Making collaborative products
with foreign countries and taking advantage of the production and science of other countries. • Development of international relat
ions and associations in the field of polymer industry • The oppor
tunity to communicate more with other communities • Consult
with other companies and save time to reach Seeks a goal in the industry. • Studying the possibility of
exporting goods with the introduction of goods and consultation regarding the needs of neighboring countries.

Registration of Chabahar Oil & Gas Exhibition