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The developments that have occurred today in the business relationships of companies and manufacturing have caused the exhibition to become a normal procedure. The exhibition event presents the pure and innovative ideas and expansion of relations through the company’s subsidiaries in a single event. In other words, the providers of products, distributors and intermediaries can be organized with visitors and have the right to expand their business and cooperation. The International exhibition event can be divided into the following for
m: • Provision of domestic production goods • Provision of imported goods • Services and Consulting • information


Export benefits to Baghdad

Based on available information from 2009 to 2019 per capita, consumption of plastic products,...

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Foreign Exhibition

Due to the limitations in the domestic market for the development of industries should be moved toward export. Therefore, attendance in foreign exhibitions is mandatory. There are three factors that are important in exporting discussion:

• Technology development • Privatization • Global visibility
today in the industry, innovation and creativity problems are highly found. Therefore, we must strengthen innovation in order to have a good position in export and successful presence in foreign exhibitions.

In fact, due to lack of diversity of products and technology, the competitive market is not properly established, which should be tried. The quality of the products offered at the International exhibition is very important because it is influential in the long term in the country’s foreign exchange.

Interior exhibition

In recent years, due to the continuous presence of numerous companies and manufacturing in the fields of the organization, local exhibitions are pursued with seriousness. The presence of domestic producers, importers, activists and specialists in each sphere is an important economic approach to the country. The common goals of domestic exhibitions include: • Intro
ducing the potential of the country’s industry • Crea
ting opportunities for communication and familiarity of reputable domestic companies with each other • Thi
nking and deciding to have a growing trend in the country • Familiarity with
the latest industry achievements according to the global trends and the B Berit for the production of intra-marketing, intr
oducing the right goods and services • Increasing
the power and quality of production in relation to international standards • Ev
aluation of commodity export facilities